2019 PGA Championship Update: Tickets for Saturday Event Sold Out

The 2019 PGA Championship is less than two months to kick off and the die-hard fans from around the world hunt the tickets. However, the tickets for Saturday event in Bethpage Black Course have been sold. The available grounds tickets are left for Thursday and Friday events while the Sunday event tickets would follow the sell out soon. Thousands of fans from more than 50 states and countries have purchased the tickets.

PGA has confirmed the Saturday event ticket’s sell out. Very limited batches of the ticket are issued by PGA to maintain the quality of the event. Black Course hosts 18 holes but only 4 holes can be spectated due to technical reasons. Each spot is featured with a different ticket which also provides specific facilities and amenities. PGA has also announced their helicopter hospitality service to transport VIPs from/to the course.

Fortunately, you can bring up to four children aged 17 at max along with you if you’ve got the ticket. It’s not an issue but an actual policy issued by PGA of America themselves as the form of their commitment to supporting the golf game grows and developments. The tickets for children would be available through the PGA 2019 events. These junior tickets are no obligation but the 17 rule is a strict, only eligible person can enter the course.

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Unlike other sporting events, you can’t find these tickets on Ticketmaster or other ticket boxes. PGA.com is the only official ticket provider of the 2019 championship and that’s the only way you can get the ticket. An application process should be followed to get the ticket slot approval from PGA. Be careful on such scams or frauds which offers tickets outside PGA.com.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the Saturday tickets, get your chances on Thursday-Friday tickets. You can cover the Saturday events on TV or live streaming on CBS and ESPN network. However, have a look at the hospitality package for groups and see whether you can take friends or colleagues joining you for 2019 PGA Championship in a group.

It’s better to grab your ticket now whether it’s for group and individuals before sellout. In other hands, you should be also planning your transportation and accommodation during the 2019 PGA week. They are very important so you won’t miss any events of 2019 PGA championship. Stay tuned for more updates of 2019 PGA Championship tickets.

Grab Your RWC 2019 Ticket Now!

The third largest sports tournaments in the world, the Rugby World Cup, will be held in Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019. This 2019 year is the first time the World Cup has been held in Asia. Japan estimates that around 400,000 Rugby supporters will come from abroad throughout the six-week tournament. Organizers expect that individual tickets to matches are in high demand and will be sold out.

The game is involving host countries and strong rugby countries in New Zealand, Britain, and Ireland. Tickets will take effect starting September 19, 2019, and enthusiasts can already get them through the public application process. Viewers can also use the World Cup 2019 World Partner Mastercard Card to apply for multiple entries in ticket voting. Besides, viewers can also book places through the official Rugby World Cup support tour program on the official Rugby World Cup website.

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Organizers of the Rugby World Cup state that tickets can only be purchased from the official RWC website and selected partners. Following are the phases held related to ticket purchases:

  1. Phase 1: Official support tours, team packages & stadiums, and accommodate city residents.
    Ticket sales began earlier this year. Ticket sales for official supporters started on January 1. These tickets are sold through official travel agents.
  2. Phase 2: Sales of individuals for priority groups and hospitality programs.
    For hospitality programs, official tickets have been launched in February. Also, priority sales of individual tickets for Japanese rugby families, residents of host cities, and Club members / Front Row Supporters have also been launched in February 2018 as well and are now complete.
  3. Phase 3: Ticket sales for individual individuals
    This stage matches ticket sales which are open to the public. The general ticket application period will last until 11:59 p.m. JST on 12 November. This time is the first opportunity for anyone who is not a priority group member to submit a ticket through www.tickets.rugbyworldcup.com. All enthusiasts need to set up or already have a ticket account that is accessed through the same website.

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Finally, for those who can or are willing to pay more money, there are also packages sold by Japanese Sports Travel & Hospitality. These packages include category A tickets (the best seats), and access to the VIP area and lounge, dinner, night at the hotel, and so on. Prices start at around 90,000 yen for smaller packages and less popular matches, then go up to 2,192,800 yen for suite packages for all games played at the Yokohama stadium, including the final. You can also find these packages in RWC partner agents. Usually, the package types offered are almost the same.

Danica Patrick Returning to Indy 500 as Studio Analyst

The NBC Network officials have made the right decision by letting Danica Patrick in as the contributor in their NBC Studio. Patrick will return to Indy 500 as the studio analyst for the upcoming 103rd Indianapolis 500 even presented by Bainbridge.

Her comeback is indeed the booster for the racing fans since she is still the household name in the festivity. The retired Indycar and NASCAR driver has confirmed this new back then when announcing at NBC. She will join Mike Tirico in the Studio for the NBC’s first broadcast of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” The event will take place on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

It is a sensible reason to let Patrick take the helmet. Danica Patrick has been ups and downs in the racing world for over a decade. She has extra insight and knowledge of the Indy 500. Her attendance in the studio will surely give new vibrant to the show and improve the viewership of the program. She has prepared for the upcoming show. She understands how race works. So, we will see Patrick giving her professional insight right from the studio. It will indeed be a great show to watch.

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Some folks may think that it is going to be a daunting task for her because it will be the first time for her. Well, it is not entirely true. She will not hesitate to give her opinions because she had had the experience before. She ever contributed to the FOX in the minor show.

NBC will broadcast the Indianapolis 500 for the first time. Danica Patrick will work with Tirico to bring up such interesting content.

Patrick will provide the construction in the pre-race, in-race, as well as post-race. So, you won’t need to worry. You will witness her in significant discussions. But long before the actual event, she will also be the part of NBC’s Indy 500 qualifications broadcast on May 19. She will also assist in promoting the race across NBC Universal’s Platforms leading up to the race day.

Patrick has such close emotional relationship with the Indy 500. It is because her first Indy 500 holds an essential role in the pearl of her career. Every Time she comes to Indianapolis, she drives through the tunnel and feels the track already. No one can deny Patrick’s proficiency in racing. She had six top-10 finishes in seven tries at Indy.

Those who have been missing Danica Patrick already will be glad to see her again once in the TV. So, tune in the NBC and watch the Indy 500 and her commentaries. Don’t miss it.

How to Watch Canelo Alvarez vs Jacobs Live online

Famous Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez will meet Daniel Jacobs to unite their 160 pounds 12 rounds on 4 May. They will hold the battle at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. T-Mobile itself is home to four of Canelo’s last six fights. The fight between Canelo vs. Jacobs will be broadcast live through the DAZN channel as part of the site subscription package. The DAZN channel will broadcast the match between Canelo and Jacobs in full.

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Last October 2018, Canelo and Golden Boys Promotions agreed to a five-year partnership with DAZN. The contract is estimated to be worth $ 365 million and is the largest contract in the history of the sport. DAZN, which is a new global live streaming service in the US, will broadcast 11 Canelo battles during the term of the contract. Viewers can view matches by streaming after registering as a DAZN subscription. Viewers can download the DAZN application to their respective devices connected to the internet including on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Google Chromecast.

This Canelo vs. Jacobs match can also be seen on a computer through Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari Browser via DAZN.com. DAZN also offers a free 30-day trial. New customers will be able to watch the live broadcast of Canelo vs. Jacobs for free, along with dozens of other live shows and original programs included in the DAZN multi-sports offer. Subscriptions cost $ 9.99 per month after the trial period ends.

The match between Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019, starting at around 9:00 a.m. US time / 1:00 a.m. English time. Viewers in the US can watch battles directly online through DAZN. The match will be broadcast only through streams, and it will be the second battle in 11 battle agreements between Canelo and DAZN. For UK’s viewers, you can watch the battles directly in the Skysports Main Event (Non-PPV).

Winged Foot Golf Club for the US Open 2020

The recent reports upheld the news that the volunteers were seeking for the 2020 US Open that will take place at Winged Foot. For those who want to vote online, the applications are already there.

The volunteer applications for the 2020 US Open are now online and reachable by all the users around the world. Although it is still a year away, the officials emphasize that it has never been too early to bring up the voices. The online applications are open to provide the opportunity for all the golf enthusiasts to take their chance to attend the venue and enjoy the crowd. The upcoming 2020 championship will happen on June 15-21 at landmark club in Mamaroneck.

If you are the golf enthusiast, it is natural that you have the willingness to get involved in certain activities related to the event. The upcoming US Open 2020 can be the chance for you. There will be around 4,500 individuals to serve as committees including the marshals, fan services, hospitality services, scoring, merchandising, as well as on-course operations. The applications are open to the public and will accept anyone who qualifies. The positions will be granted on a first-come, first served methods.

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Speaking of the club for the US Open 2020, Winged Foot Golf Club will be the responsible party that hosts the upcoming US Open in Mamaroneck. For the purpose, USGA will need more 4,500 volunteers to contribute to a wide range of positions. Not only adding and get rewarded, but the volunteers will also have the chance to enjoy the festivity closer in the venue.

To be the volunteers, the applicants should commit by attaining $185 apparel package. They will need to purchase it to get involved. The kit consists of two golf shirts, a pullover and headwear along with the credentials valid during the US Open 2020 tournament. Not to mention that each volunteer will get a decent meal voucher for each shift. The volunteers will provide the conducts to four changes during the week, from four to six hours of operation time. So, if you have plenty of time to do it, you must apply to this exciting activity.

It is straightforward to apply as a volunteer. But first things first, you will want to get more accurate information about the specific committees and the access to the application. Consider checking on the official USGA volunteer website.

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