Grab Your RWC 2019 Ticket Now!

The third largest sports tournaments in the world, the Rugby World Cup, will be held in Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019. This 2019 year is the first time the World Cup has been held in Asia. Japan estimates that around 400,000 Rugby supporters will come from abroad throughout the six-week tournament. Organizers expect that individual tickets to matches are in high demand and will be sold out.

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The game is involving host countries and strong rugby countries in New Zealand, Britain, and Ireland. Tickets will take effect starting September 19, 2019, and enthusiasts can already get them through the public application process. Viewers can also use the World Cup 2019 World Partner Mastercard Card to apply for multiple entries in ticket voting. Besides, viewers can also book places through the official Rugby World Cup support tour program on the official Rugby World Cup website.

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Organizers of the Rugby World Cup state that tickets can only be purchased from the official RWC website and selected partners. Following are the phases held related to ticket purchases:

  1. Phase 1: Official support tours, team packages & stadiums, and accommodate city residents.
    Ticket sales began earlier this year. Ticket sales for official supporters started on January 1. These tickets are sold through official travel agents.
  2. Phase 2: Sales of individuals for priority groups and hospitality programs.
    For hospitality programs, official tickets have been launched in February. Also, priority sales of individual tickets for Japanese rugby families, residents of host cities, and Club members / Front Row Supporters have also been launched in February 2018 as well and are now complete.
  3. Phase 3: Ticket sales for individual individuals
    This stage matches ticket sales which are open to the public. The general ticket application period will last until 11:59 p.m. JST on 12 November. This time is the first opportunity for anyone who is not a priority group member to submit a ticket through All enthusiasts need to set up or already have a ticket account that is accessed through the same website.

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Finally, for those who can or are willing to pay more money, there are also packages sold by Japanese Sports Travel & Hospitality. These packages include category A tickets (the best seats), and access to the VIP area and lounge, dinner, night at the hotel, and so on. Prices start at around 90,000 yen for smaller packages and less popular matches, then go up to 2,192,800 yen for suite packages for all games played at the Yokohama stadium, including the final. You can also find these packages in RWC partner agents. Usually, the package types offered are almost the same.